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Earrings from Start Finish

Nov 22-24, 2019

John C. Campbell Folk School

Brasstown NC 

Design and create your very own earring wardrobe in a weekend! We’ll start with a variety of sterling-silver ear wires, and then add bead and pearl embellishments. We’ll also work on fabricating and doming metal disks to apply surface decorations, including alcohol inks and more. This class, designed for beginners but open to all, is an excellent opportunity to learn jewelry-making skills that will last a lifetime. Good eyesight or magnification is advised. 

Holiday Lampwork Magic!

Dec 8-14, 2019

John C. Campbell Folk School

Brasstown NC 

        ***with Marjorie Langston

If you have previous beadmaking experience, treat yourself to something new - learn to make holiday-themed glass beads, ornaments, and decorations. Your designs are sure to become the family favorites on the tree and the most popular gifts under it! For advanced-beginning to intermediate students; no absolute beginners, please.  

Glass Beads-Kick It Way Up!

March 8-14, 2020

John C. Campbell Folk School

Brasstown NC 

       ***with Marjorie Langston

Fire up the torch and take your lampwork creations beyond the basic bead! Expand your beadmaking skills with a focus on making consistent shapes, employing a variety of surface-decoration techniques, doing some sculptural work, and more. Current glass beadmaking experience is required for this advanced class.

Tempting Techniques: A Jewelry Journey

May 1-15, 2020

John C. Campbell Folk School

Brasstown NC

Whether you want to make your own jewelry but don't know where to start, or you've tried some techniques on your own and still need some guidance, this class is a safe haven to learn and play. We will work on wire wrapping, sawing metal, etching, soldering, making cold connections, and transforming metal with colored pencils and alcohol inks. Life is too short to wear department-store jewelry! Beginners welcome; only good eyesight or magnification is needed. 

Taming the Flame - Glass Beadmaking Basics and So Much More!

June 10-14, 2020

Miami University, Oxford OH

This class is open to all skill levels - beginning to advanced.  Beginners will learn the safe use of tools and equipment, the basics of making well-shaped beads and a variety of surface decoration techniques.  More skilled students will cover intermediate-advanced shaping and design techniques along with some off-mandrel sculptural pieces.  Everyone will go home with lots of beads and several finished projects.

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One-on-One Lampwork Classes

Learn to make glass beads in my studio! Topics include intensive safety procedures, a solid basis of good techniques, and a number of surface decoration skills. I'll work with you to fit your schedule. More details soon!

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